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In Oxford : November 21st, 1774

I went to the Music Room this evening being Choral
 Night - A great deal of Company present -
 I gave to go in being a Subscription - 0 : 1 : 0
 I gave my Bedmakers Boy Jack this morn' 0 : 1 : 0 
The Music Room was quite full - stayed till near 11.
 Mem: there was a little Boy only 7. Years old by
 name Master Weichsell from London who played
 a Concerto on the Violin this evening at the Music
 Room & played so exceedingly well that astonished
 the whole Company present - He was much applauded
 indeed & highly deserved it also -
 He was obliged to get on a Stool to be seen.
 The famous Crosdall gave us two Solo's on the
 Violencello - very great Execution indeed-

NB: the 'Music Room' is the Holywell Music Room

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